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Wedding Wednesday: Planning Struggles and Gorgeous DIY Centerpieces

Wedding Wednesday: Planning Struggles and Gorgeous DIY Centerpieces

As my December wedding is quickly approaching, I wanted to share some of my DIY projects with you and to also share the struggles I have been faced with.

From the very beginning I told my fiancé and family that I didn’t want a big, luxurious wedding. I always imagined either eloping on a destination wedding, or having an intimate wedding with family.

Everyone always talks about how fun it is to plan a wedding, and if I am speaking honestly and from the heart, it has been one of the most stressful times of my life. I’ve fought my fiancé and cried every step of the way.

First, I struggled finding a nice venue for a non outrageous price. Next, I struggled deciding flowers, and deciding on a dress, and what about music and photography?

It’s never as easy as people make it seem, but I’ve been lucky that I have the most wonderful fiancé and mom who have been reassuring and who have encouraged me not to give up.

Weddings now a days are expensive, no matter how big or small. The small things add up and a small wedding turns into a $25,000 dollar wedding.

Don’t ever let yourself be discouraged, because your wedding is going to be all you and beautiful.

I have cried a lot during this process.. it is okay to be frustrated and to cry!

Now not everything is bad. I have had some wonderful moments, like picking out a wedding dress with my mom. Picking out the wedding band I wanted, and watching my fiances eyes light up as he picked the perfect ring for himself. I was finally able to work out my perfect centerpieces, and I found the most wonderful venue for our day.

While moments may be tough and you feel frustrated and like you’re struggling, it’s not all bad.

I have been doing a lot of things DIY including my flowers (which I will do another post on,) and centerpieces.

Luckily, with the small amount of people coming to our wedding, I knew my centerpieces don’t have to be over the top. In fact, all of the items you will see I got a discounted rates because the stores were having 50-60% off items and I had additional coupons!

(Excuse the mess in the back, our office is like my second closet.)

So, the big clear vases I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $2.99, originally $5.99. Luckily for me all of their wedding items were 50% off when I went a few weeks ago!!

The garland that is wrapped around the vases are originally $9.99 and I got them for 4.99 each. What I love about them is they are just long enough that I can cut them into four pieces and use two pieces for each centerpiece! I also love the fact that they are fake flowers, no needing to water them, and I can mold them into the shape that I want!

Now the little gold wrapped vases, I got last weekend at Michaels. There are 20 in each package and they are $21.00 original price. During our shopping trip, my mom and I both realized we had a 60% off coupon and got each set for $13.00!!

We also purchased two types of candles. The clear vases will have large white candles with a real flame, whereas the gold vases will have fake tea light candles. This is where things got a little sticky. Last week Hobby Lobby had 50% off all candles EXCEPT tea light and packages candles. The large white candles come two to a package for $5.99. We were so exited about getting a good deal until we read the promotional fine print. As we approached the register, we began conversating with the young man who said the candles were not 50% off which we understood, but for some reason, he gave us the discount on all of the candles we bought. Boy we’re we lucky. Instead of $50.00 for the candles we ended up paying $25.00!!

Not to mention, the gold chargers are $2.00 each at Hobby Lobby which is a steal!

My mom decided that we would also put small clear beads in the bottom of the clear vases to give the illusion of height, which I love. The small packages, can be divided within two vases each, and it gives the entire package a little more elegance.

Being outside at night, these centerpieces are going to give a soft glow in the night sky, and I couldn’t be more excited or more proud of myself. I am doing something I love, within a cheaper price range, and just as beautiful as someone else could have done for me.

I wish I could link all of the products, but Hobby Lobby and Michaels do not typically link their products! If I can find some links I most definitely update my post for you to be able to see the products.

And remember, wedding planning isn’t easy, but if you surround yourself with encouraging people, and do things your own way, it will be beautiful no matter what. I know for a fact my centerpieces are going to be gorgeous, at the beautiful Stonehouse Villa, made by me, and everyone is going to love them.

Don’t get discouraged because it will all fall into place.

Xoxo Kristina


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