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Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day

I have to be honest, Valentines has never been one of my favorite holidays, but I absolutely love gift giving!
I’ve rounded up a few gift great gift options for your Mr. below!
Let me know of any ideas you have for your honey this valentine’s day.
Xoxo, Kristina

Monogrammed Whiskey Glass
If your name is like mine and likes drinking old fashions, then this monogrammed whiskey glass could be the perfect little gift! My husband recently bought a glass for his drinks (but it’s plastic,) so what better to say I love you than his initials on this beautiful glass.

Dress/Every Day Shirts
Every man can always use a new shirt added to his wardrobe. Toad and Co. is a staple brand in our household and they are environmentally friendly, their shirts are comfortable, breathable, and just beautiful.

Ladies, lest be honest, your man can probably use some more socks, too. At lease my husband can. Between me stealing his socks because my feet are cold or our dogs eating giant holes in them, he never has any. Smart wool makes some of the best socks I’ve ever put on, and they are so durable. You can even get a three pack already in a box from their website!

A Dinner at Home
Sometimes all we need is to have a low key, romantic dinner at home. While we do like going out occasionally, there is nothing we love more than cooking together and having no distractions to enjoy each other.

Solo Stove
This is probably my MOST FAVORITE gift of all! I actually learned about the Solo Stove through my husband. After we bought our house, he mentioned wanting to get an outdoor fire pit. (He loves being outdoors.) They can be a little expensive, but they are SO worth it. I ended up getting him one for Christmas and we use it so many times! It has very little smoke releasing so you won’t be coughing, and it is the warmest fire pit I have ever used. It’s definitely one of a kind, so I recommend you check it out.


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