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San Antonio Weekend Recap

San Antonio Weekend Recap

It has definitely been a while, but I am back in full force! It has been a busy few weeks at work, but I wanted to share our recent trip to San Antonio. I was born in the great city of San Antonio back in 1991, and I know what you are thinking, that was a long time ago. My family moved to Dallas about twelve years ago, and I have visited my home city various times over the last few years. 2017 was a hard year for me to visit, and I want to say I was only able to go once. For those of you that do not know, almost my entire family on both sides live in San Antonio. My grandparents have lived there for about fifty five years, and they are much older at seventy nine years old.

My husband, Beau, lost his grandparents many years ago before we even met, so when I brought up the idea of a San Antonio visit he was all for it as he had never visited before! This trip had been an idea floating around for the last few weeks and we finally made good on it this passed weekend, and I am so glad we did. We left Friday afternoon around 12, and we left with our littlest pup, Darcy. Now, I have flown to San Antonio quite a bit, but in case you haven’t looked at flight prices lately, they are absolutely outrageous, so we decided to drive. The drive down is not the worst, it’s about four hours, (or five if you are leaving on the Friday before the whole state of Texas ends their spring break.)

The one downfall that really occurred the whole trip was the fact that I decided to – plan all of this during spring break and St. Patrick’s day. San Antonio is a city that likes to do things big, so I can whole heartedly assure you that the city was busy, parking was twenty dollars, and the River Walk was non-walkable, but it was all part of the charm.

We ended up arriving at our hotel around six pm or so, and decided to drop our bags and head out to find some food. The beauty of San Antonio much like Dallas is that is very dog friendly. We trekked our way to the Taco Garage off of Broadway and boy was it packed. I don’t think I had ever seen a place this packed before but it was a festive weekend. 

We ended up visiting the bar for about an hour and fifteen minutes before being seated at an empty table outside that had been empty the entire time. We were able to order some margaritas and food, but the experience was mediocre as we waited another thirty minutes for drinks and 45 minutes for food.

The silver lining, Darcy is apparently a tortilla chip addict. At one point, he even ripped a chip out of my hand he loves them so much. The food however was food, not great, but good. I would recommend it if you stop by for a trip.

The rest of the night we stayed in the hotel and prepared for a fun filled weekend. Saturday rolled around and we had a full agenda planned. San Antonio has a Botanical Garden, which I had never been to surprisingly in all of  the years I had lived there. Lucky for us, they were having a “doggy weekend,” meaning Darcy could explore the gardens with us for an extra five dollars. We paid a total of $29 dollars for the visit which is great in our eyes considering the Dallas Arboretum is $15 per person plus parking.

The gardens were exquisite and Darcy had the time of his life. We strolled around for about two hours taking pictures and enjoying the warm cloudy day.

Our second stop was the La Villita Historic Arts Village near the River Walk. There are galleries and stores, and it is very pet friendly as well. We even stopped for Paletas or popsicle, and Darcy got a taste of a mango, pineapple, strawberry chunk of goodness, which he loved in the San Antonio heat. From there we moved on down to the River Walk, and that was a fiasco in its own. There were dozens of to people waiting to get on the boat, small shops on the River Walk  walkways. Beau has to pick Darcy up at one point as we were afraid he was going to fall straight into the green waters. We lasted about an hour before we called it quits in the fiesta frenzy, but it is a beautiful place to visit.

We then decided to pay a visit to the Pearl District which is located close to downtown San Antonio and has various shops and even a dog park. Beau even bought my grandmother some beautiful flowers at the Vintage Bouquet Bar who happen to be dog friendly. The owner and her daughter were the absolute sweetest, and talked to us about their sweet puppy while they fawned over Darcy. The downfall of the Pearl District happened to be their so-called dog park. It was so tiny and even had a deceased pigeon in it. Needless to say we were out faster than I could even blink.


Then, my sweet grandmother called that she and my grandfather were setting up a BBQ for is, so we headed on down and spent the next few hours with them. I absolutely adore my grandparents, and am so happy we were able to spend time with them, they are getting older so any second counts with them. One of my favorite parts of visiting is that they have a labradoodle named Casey, and she ended up playing with Darcy for a long while. For that we were thankful as she tuckered the little man out.


Later that night was our “Ghost Tour” with Bad Wolf Ghost Tour’s who are dog friendly. We were given an EVP device and walked around Downtown San Antonio learning about all of the historical sites and haunted hotels which happen to be all of them in downtown San Antonio. We took pictures and ventured all about town, which Darcy loved. I will admit, the streets were loud and crowded with the St. Patrick’s day festivities in full swing, but we had fun non the less and the ghost tour’s are kid friendly as well!

Our Sunday was just as fun filled and consisted of visiting my grandparents one last time and a stop at the Pearl Brewery farmers market where there was vendors with food, dog treats, craft beer, and more. We also went into all of the stores which are all dog friendly as well, and even bought Darcy some chicken pot pie treats. We then ventured out to my old neighborhood so Beau could see where I lived, and we were able to find a dog park for Darcy and the sun was out and no breeze flowing, we stayed at the park for about  thirty minutes be tailing it to the hotel to get some much needed rest.

We then decided to travel out the Dominion to give the La Gloria restaurant a try. They are extremely dog friendly, and we were able to secure the perfect spot on the patio to watch the traffic go by and eat some very yummy food. We were in luck however as the weather began to change and we made it to the car before the torrential downpour started. Interestingly enough, once we made it back to the hotel, the sun was out and it began to hail, and I mean hail hard. Beau had never actually seen hail before either!

San Antonio was the perfect weekend mini vacation, and I am so are it’s beauty with my husband  are so many things to do there and I encourage you to visit and learn all about this historic gem.

xoxo Kristina


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