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Living Room Decor Ideas

Living Room Decor Ideas

Ya’ll, I am pretty excited to share some of our living room decor with you guys today! I have lived with my husband for a year, and this is the first time in my life that I have lived away from my parents, so decorating our own home has definitely been a challenge for me. You don’t really realize how important having a good rug can be for pulling a room together, or how placing a chair in a certain spot can make or break it all together.

Living in a condo, our space is a bit limited, but that hasn’t stopped me from brining in some fun colors and designs. Having large balcony doors in the middle of the room called for some grey blackout curtains to help keep the sun out of the living room. Don’t be afraid to you color! Grey just happened to be the perfect husband/wife compromise. lol.

Our coffee table, which is a recent purchase, is a beautiful wooden piece that exudes  manliness for my husbands style, and it also has my favorite gold accents.

Its always okay to mix and match colors and patterns! When my husband and I met, he knew I was eclectic, and you can definitely tell that from our living room. While we have a grey and white patterned carpet, I added an amazingly cute orange chevron love seat, and a patterned and fun chair to the look! While some people may not like the various bright colors, that is something I thrive off of. Having so many fun colors and pieces to our living room allows me to be creative, and for us to have a fun, conversation piece living area.

A lot of our furniture comes from World Market and HomeGoods. The always have such fun and unique pieces, so I encourage you to take a look! You will never know what fun and exciting piece you will find for your home.

Xoxo, Kristina


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