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Invisalign Journey: What is AcceleDent?

Invisalign Journey: What is AcceleDent?

Happy Thursday all! I know what you are thinking. You’re like “Kristina, where is your Invisalign week 3 update?”


Trust me, it’s definitely coming.

This week has just been a whirlwind of events. From my grandparents 60th anniversary party this weekend to my husband’s birthday yesterday, week three has been a bit of a struggle, but I will be sharing more on that with you by tomorrow!

Today, however, I wanted to talk to you about a device called AcceleDent. If you have been following along in my Invisalign journey, you that after talking to my doctor, I decided to purchase the AcceleDent Optima device to help speed up my orthodontic process.

If you have done Invisalign, are in the process of getting it, or thinking about getting it, I can only highly recommend you do so. I am only about to be on week four, but I know my teeth are moving. I can feel it. Now, unfortunately for me, my current Invisalign treatment plan is 60 weeks. After much debate, we decided that using AcceleDent was the perfect opportunity to reduce my treatment time to only 30 weeks!

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, what is AcceleDent? It is an orthodontic device that can aide in giving aligner or brace wearers a quicker and more comfortable treatment! From studies the company has done, to patients who have used the device, it is supposed to help in accelerating your tooth moment and to help with the uncomfortable moments that comes with have aligners/braces.

As a current user of AcceleDent, I will say, I was hesitant at the price at first, but am the first to admit it is completely worth it. The device is hands free so that you can use your hands to make dinner, read, use your phone, etc. Not only is AcceleDent convenient to us, you also just use it for 20 minutes a day!

The AcceleDent App

Yeah, you read that right. ONLY 20 minutes of use each day to help reduce your treatment time?! Count me in! One of my favorite features of the device, is that there is also an app for your phone where you can keep track of how long you have been using it. I usually turn the device on while it’s in my mouth, open the app, and watch the time fly by. When using the app on my phone, I am able to see real time, how much time I’ve used it, what achievements I have reached, and it even reminds me when I need to use the device!

While it is recommended to use AcceleDent for the entire twenty minutes at once, being the humans, we are, sometimes twenty minutes at one time is impossible, but you can pause your device up to six times in one session. There have been many times where I can feel myself drooling and need to readjust the device in my mouth (ew), or even had to answer the phone at work. It comes with a handy charging case and even carrying bag.

I honestly just love that it is so lightweight and the convenience of it. I also love that it is helping to speed up the time of my treatment. Also, after the first aligner, I haven’t felt a ton of discomfort and soreness, and I attribute that to AcceleDent and its SoftPluse Technology. (If you’re wondering what that is, it’s vibrations that transmit to your tooth roots and bone that help speed up the movement of your teeth!)

Incredible, right?

AcceleDent can only be purchased through your orthodontist or dentist. This is the one item I recommend you splurge on to treat yourself in your long orthodontic journey.

Trust me, this is the device you need. Get the beautiful smile you want in no time with Acceledent!

I cannot wait to update you week by week on this incredible tooth straightening journey!


Don’t believe me yet? Check out this video and learn all about this incredible device and check out the testimonials or real live patients who swear by it!

You will also want to check out their Instagram to see real photos of orthodontic cases! If you have any questions or comments about Acceledent drop them below! I will soon be sharing more specifics on the device through my continue treatment

Xoxo, Kristina

Disclaimer: All photographs and information used with permission from OrthoAccel® Technologies Inc., AcceleDent® Optima™


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  1. September 27, 2019 / 5:41 am

    I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thanks again!

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