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Invisalign Journey-Week 21/Tray 21

Invisalign Journey-Week 21/Tray 21

YOU. GUYS. It has been a long 21 weeks! Goodness gracious, I can’t believe I haven’t given you guys an Invisalign update since week two. That means there have been 19 weeks of some pretty incredible changes and tooth movement I am so excited to share with you!

As a quick recap, you all might remember from the photo below that the left model shows what my teeth looked like back in May and the right shows what they should like at the end. Let me tell you, it’s getting so close to looking like the left that I am feeling giddy.

Now as of my original appointment in May, it was decided that I would need 30 trays total. I am 9 trays away from having the smile I always dreamed of having! My instructions for the aligners is to wear them on a weekly basis instead of changing them every two weeks. I should be using a rubber band on the left full time and on the right only at night I haven’t been, but will admit it hasn’t happened in quite a few trays. Do not be like me, if the orthodontist recommends something, DO IT!

The pain you feel after putting on the first aligner is almost an after thought once you are on tray 21. From time to time, I have the first few days of an aligner that are painful. My least favorite part is waking up the morning after a new tray and my teeth being so sore I am afraid to pull the aligners off. However, all of the soreness I have endured it literally worth it.


As shown above this was my teeth at only tray 2. My teeth require a lot of movement, especially on the lateral incisors. If I am being completely honest with you, I never thought my teeth would be straight. However, I am proud to show you what they look like today, week 21. Keep in mind, I still have about 9-10 trays to go, and possibly some refinement trays.







Here is the progress we have achieved at week 21:





You guys, I seriously want to cry sometimes when I look at how far they’ve come. My left and lateral incisors are still crooked and have some moving to do, but I never thought they would look as good as they do! My bite has even changed considerably!

I visited with my ortho last thursday and she did IPR (Interproximal Reduction) on some of my lower teeth. What is that you ask? The orthodontist take a strip of sandpaper and uses it on your teeth to create small amounts of space between teeth to allow them to move a little more. It is probably my least favorite part of the treatment to date. My teeth are already sore and the grinding just makes me cringe, but I have no major complaints!

I know a lot can happen in the next few weeks, but I absolutely cannot wait to see what my teeth look like at the end of treatment! Shoot me a comment below and let me know how your treatment is going or if you have any questions!



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