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How We Saved a Baby Squirrel

How We Saved a Baby Squirrel


Today we are going to talk about baby squirrels. I know what you are thinking, squirrels? I remember the day we met our surprise guest very vividly.

I had just left work later than I usually would. As I pulled up to the house and walked through the door, imagine my surprise as I spotted my husband with a pair of garden gloves on carrying a shoe box full of towels.

 He mentioned to me that while letting the dogs out, our littlest one, Darcy alerted him to something laying in the grass. Originally, Beau thought it might be a snake as we had one in our bushes a few weeks back. (One of the many perks of living on a heavily treed golf course.)


However, he noticed as he got close that it was indeed a squirrel. A baby squirrel. Excitedly I ran outside beside him to assist with the squirrel.

Although, who am I kidding? I definitely went out to look at the baby.

 Initial Meeting

When I saw the tiny little thing in his hands, I’m sure an audible sigh escaped my lips. We don’t have a ton of squirrels in our neighborhood, it was apparently he probably fell from the large tree in our backyard. While Beau’s instincts led him to give the squirrel a piece of ice (as the Texas weather was at a 103 high for the day) and the squirrel had been laying in the grass from most of the day, I decided to google.

 After some quick research, we realized the baby needed some Pedialyte and warmth. We hurriedly made a Pedialyte mixture of sugar and salt and rounded up a few t-shirts to keep him warm.

  Yall, the first thing they tell you, is to not get attached to the baby squirrels, but it was too late. It’s easy to be obsessed with something when they are so little and need so much attention.


We left him outside in his box waiting for mom to return. After three hours and nighttime rapidly approaching, we knew she wasn’t coming back and we had an orphaned baby squirrel on our hands.

 We spent the next two days researching and caring for little dude who we named Churro because he looked like one. Yes, I know, you are not supposed to name them but we were not keeping them. In fact, in most states, it is illegal to keep wildlife like squirrels even for rehabbing them unless you have a permit.

 He loved snuggling into the t-shirts, and we learned that if we placed a warm sock filled with rice in the box with him that he would gravitate towards it, which he did.

 After a little more extensive research, we learned that little dude’s eyes were still closed because he was only four weeks old.

 Beau took him to work during the day, and I got up every two hours to check on and feed him. He learned how to eat his formula from a syringe, loved snuggling, and we even learned how to try and stimulate his private parts to get him to potty.


The Right Thing to Do 

On Friday, his eyes were wide open and he was awake which let us know he was finally about five weeks, and he needed more attention than we could give.

As much as we wanted to care for him, we knew it wasn’t possible to do so. I looked up animal rescues/rehabs in Dallas and surprisingly there aren’t many.

After researching the DFW Wildlife Coalition, they put me in touch with a local rehabber. Yall, she was really great. She picked Churro up the same day and gotten him taken care of.

 Even better, she got him the care he needed and found out that he had a urinary tract infection and got him the necessary medication he needed. After speaking to us this weekend, she informed us he is doing so well and will even be introduced to some siblings in the coming weeks.

 I’m so proud of our dog, Darcy for finding and saving this baby squirrel, and I am proud of us for keeping him alive until we could get him the proper care he deserved.

Overall, I am so thankful I got to share this experience with my husband.




It was an extremely heart warming and fulfilling experience you guys. While I recommend always contacting your local wildlife center AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you encounter a baby squirrel or any other wild life, as we did, however this was an experience for the books for both Beau and myself.


P.S. I still can’t stop looking at pictures of this cutie!





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