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How I am Organizing My Year (The Happy Planner Girl)

How I am Organizing My Year (The Happy Planner Girl)

While we are only for days into the new year, I finally purchased my 2018 planner which is huge for me considering I don’t typically purchase one until the middle of the year. Procrastinator, I know. I am so incredibly excited about my new “Daydreamer” Planner by the Happy Planner Girl.

This Planner is so visually stunning on the front. Now for me, picking a planner is always hard. I picked this planner up from Joanns, but there are a few planners to pick from. I have had the 365 planners before, but they are typically bigger and heavier.

Now what I love most about this new planner is that it has a monthly view

But it also has a daily break down of the week as well.

I love to write a lot, so having this perfect, large amount of space let’s me write out exactly what I have planned.

Another feature that I really love is that it is only 12 months! I absolutely hate the 18 month calendars that start in the middle of the year. When I buy a planner, I just want to have the 12 months of the year starting with January and ending with December.

I also love that for ever start of the new month it has a cover page and a “happening this month page.

I love being able to write important events and what is happening for the month in the front pages, because sometimes that is more helpful to me than having to look through the entire month for a specific event or item, (and it’s also a cute and fun way to start of the month.)

Another big deal for me is the metal rings hat bind the planner together. You all know the struggle is real as typically the rings are plastic, they get bent out of shape and come apart. These metal rings are a life savior as they keep the book together and they’re visually just as pretty as the cover.

I really cannot wait to focus on planning out my content and my months. I love to live spontaneously sometimes, but I am excited to be able to have things planned out (as I am a planner.) It always makes it more fun to have a cute and interactive planner than to have something that you write in a couple of times and then forget it.

You can find the Happy Planner Girl selections here DayDreamer Planner and you can also check out their other planner selections too!

Or if you have a joanns near you they are $13.00 instead of $25.90 do act fast by clicking here Joanns Happy Planners!

Live creatively peeps. It’s the best way to do life and it makes it so much more fun!

Xoxo Kristina


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