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Our Forever Pup, Finny

Our Forever Pup, Finny

Today’s post isn’t about yummy food or about today’s fashion choice, but it is a very important, and sweet boy in my life. You may have seen pictures of my dogs on Instagram and Facebook, but what you haven’t heard about how our rescue dog, Finn was found and how he came into our life.

While Beau and I have purchased two dogs, we have also adopted a dog, which I cannot encourage more! Rescue dogs have such varying back stories. Beau and I whole heartedly believe that giving these sweet dogs a home is so rewarding.

We had Carter, our first dog, for about six months or so and she was blossoming into to her own personality. It was November when Beau received a message from one of his high school friends who works for a rescue group, and she had a dog she thought we would like. I remember getting a text of his picture and thinking that he was such a cutie pie, and I couldn’t fathom how anyone wouldn’t want to keep him.

His backstory is one that actually makes me sad. He was found, abandoned and tied to a slide at a park. He had a large gash on his forehead, and they don’t know how long he was at the park alone. Just thinking about that makes me feel angry. I cannot imagine being a six-month-old puppy being abandoned and not having a concept of days or time. It’s just plain cruel.

While Beau and I had never thought of having two dogs (as they are a lot of work), Jennifer, his friend, told us that we could do a puppy play date, and then possibly do a “foster trial,” in where he would stay with us for a few days. After much discussion, we decided to give it a try and bring him into our home.

I was not able to attend the puppy play date due to work, but I recall Beau telling me that “Buster” was shy, hesitant, and afraid of people. That didn’t surprise me much as he had been abandoned for an amount of time in which none of us were sure for how long. He then told me that he was bringing Buster home for the weekend to see how he did with Carter. 

Now Carter had been the “only child,” for six months so we were both worried how she might react having a strange dog in her home, but we had the utmost faith in her.

When I arrived from work, he was very shy and did not want to get near me. Once I sat down, he came up to me and allowed me to touch him very lightly. Due to his hesitation of being around people and being touched, we assume that he was possibly abused and hit.

For some reasons, 98% of dogs love me, but because of what he had been through, it was to my surprise when he came and laid down in my arms on the couch. My heart was absolutely bursting with happiness. Carter had been pretty independent from the day we got her, so to have a dog who wanted to love and cuddle was exactly what I needed. Beau will tell you that the look on my face made his emotions soar and made him so incredibly happy, too. 

During that weekend he became a little more comfortable with us, and Carter. When leaving for work that Monday he actually jumped up on Beau and wrapped his arms around his neck and “hugged” him. (That’s the exact moment when he was certain we were going to adopt him).

While seeing how he integrated himself into our little family unit, I was a little pushy with Beau about adopting him, because we were told other people were interested in him too. 

Once the adoption papers were accepted, and he was fixed and given back to us, the rest is history.

We did change his name from Buster to Finn, and I am so proud to say he has grown leaps and bounds. While he is still a little nervous and can get severe anxiety, he is much more comfortable around people, he’s a little more vocal, and the best thing about him, he’s the most loving dog ever. 

He loves to hug, and jump up. He loves to sleep right on top of you when you are in bed or on the couch. Most of all, he has no idea of what personal space is, but I wouldn’t change anything about him for the world. 

After all he went through, he’s the sweetest soul ever created, and we are the loving humans that get to be the objects of his affection forever.

He’s been one of the biggest blessings in our lives (as have Carter and Darcy,) we couldn’t have imagined having better companions. 

While we did purchase two pets and adopt another, we encourage you to find what’s best for you. Adoption is such a wonderful option, and I can say from experience, you’re going to make a wonderful impact on whichever animal you choose. Like all dogs, rescue dogs need the encouragement and love to know that they are not going to be abandoned, and that they will be loved forever.

If you have a dog or a pet, go home and hug them today, and let them know just how important they are and how much you love them. While purchasing a pet and adopting are two different experiences, I hope this gives you a bit of insight. Dogs provide some of the most unconditional and wonderful true love ever.

Thank you, Finny, for being the most amazing and wonderful dog ever. I love you so much, and I am so glad you came into my life my little angel pup. Thank you for being my best friend. 

xoxo, Kristina


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