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Dressing the Groom: The Black Tux

For those of you getting married or in the process of planning your wedding, you know how difficult it can be to pick out your perfect wedding dress. Well, I had no idea how complicated picking out a suit for the groomsman was until I started researching and trying to find what style would suit my fiancé best.

Being interested in start up companies, in the midst of one of my mini planning tantrums, my fiancé mentioned he had already planned on getting his suit at The Black Tux (who recently opened a Dallas location.) When I asked who they were he explained that he had used them once or twice before when they were a start up company a few years ago in 2013.

The Black Tux

Intrigued, we ended up going to the Dallas location and there were suits on the wall with tie and shoe options about. Bascially, you can either schedule an appointment in store with a stylist or you can input your measurements online and have them ship the suit to you! Not only do they ship it to you two weeks before your big event (whether that’s your wedding, prom or other event,) but if something doesn’t fit right, they immediately send you a replacement, and it’s all free delivery. Starting at $95.00 you can choose from an already designed suit or custom make what your heart desires.

Walking into their store was like a sign of relief as I know my fiancé’s look will be carefully chosen and well taken care of so I can focus on the rest of our wedding.

Click on the link below the picture to select your grooms outfit for the big day and easy your wedding woes.


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