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The Contact Disaster and a Different Set of Eyes

The Contact Disaster and a Different Set of Eyes

You guys, I have been a habitual contact wearer for years, I would say since I was about fifteen years old, and I have loved the freedom they have given me since day one.

I have been able to run, participate in sports, wear sunglasses, and to drive in peace, but lately, I have truly forgotten how much of a savior glasses are.

It’s gross, I know, but I have worn my daily contacts for a few days in a row which is a HUGE NO NO (and I know we have all done it!) It is so bad for your eye health and can cause permenant damage. I had a pair of back up glasses which my sweet dog ate up in the middle of the night last year and I have not remedied that since.

(Our cute yet terrible eye glass eater, she seriously will eat anything and everything. Even $400.00 glasses.)

This morning I happened to be on my last pair of contacts (as I have been avoiding the eye doctor,) and the worst scenario possible happened, I dropped the container and one of the contacts flew out. Mind you I am completely blind without contacts on, so I frantically searched around my tiny bathroom to no avail. I called my fiancé in and asked him to help me look with his 20/20 perfect vision. Unfortunately he was not able to find them.

At this point I feel like bursting into tears as I cannot see in front of my nose much less drive to work. He sweetly drove me to work while one of my coworkers brought me her spare glasses (we are the same prescription, but also SO bad to wear someone else’s glasses.)

I have since then been at work wearing glasses slightly to big for my face, frantically searching for an eye doctor who accepts my insurance (which is a whole other topic.)

At this point, I am realizing and remembering why it is always good to invest in an extra pair of back up glasses. Sometimes your eyes need a break so you don’t get infections, and sometimes you just need to wear glasses. It really does pay I invest in a good pair even though it will cost you.

Trust me, I am wishing I had done this before this month so I could have avoided all of this last minute scrambling. Get your eyes checked and get your contacts/glasses.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR EYES! You really don’t realize how good you have it until you can’t recognize anything in front of you.


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