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Christmas Gift Guide for Your Pet

Christmas Gift Guide for Your Pet

I am sure for many of you, the holiday festivities include both your human and non-human children. We have four children of our own, including: three dogs and a cat. Shopping for Christmas presents for them is just as much fun as shopping for humans!

I rounded up a few gift ideas for Fido that I know they will love! Let us know in the comments below some of your favorite gift ideas!


1. Ample Apple Pie

Our three dogs love just about any toy they can fight over. Their favorites are the ones that have three to four pieces so they can each have something to chase after the other with. The Ample Apple Pie toy from Barkshop is NO exception! If I am being honest, this probably one of the more fun toys I have seen. The pie is crinkly (which all dogs go nuts over,) and the apple slices are squeaky! Fido (and even your cat) will have hours of fun with their own holiday pie.

2. Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain

If you own a cat, you know they just about do anything they desire. Our cat, Ruth Bader Catsburg (Ruthie for short,) has a tendency to race over to our sink anytime the water comes on. She even sits inside of the sink and waits for us to turn the faucet on so she can taste the cool, clear water that falls from it. As much fun as it is for her, Ruthie doesn’t pay the water bill, so we found the perfect gift for her! The Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain is not only cute, but it gets the job fun. Our cat loves to drink and play with the water falling from the flower at all hours of the day. This is a Christmas gift your cat will thank you for.

3. Ruffwear Restcycle Bed

We all want our pets to have a warm bed of their own. The Ruffwear Restcycle Bed is the perfect place for your pup to lay their head at night. This bed has a baffled construction with a graded loft which allows your dog to curl up and find the perfect spot. Not only is this bed top notch comfortable, but it also has a machine-washable cover when your little one has an accident. Whether for home or travel, this is the perfect gift for the pup in your life.

4. Bewishome Cat Tree

Until recently, I have only ever had dogs, so much to my surprise, I had no idea how much cats loved having their own space. After going from store to store and doing some research, I finally purchased the Bewishome Cat Tree for Ruthie. It’s tall, soft, has various spaces for the cat to hide, and it is tall enough for her to feel like Queen of the world. If you want to pamper your kitty for Christmas, you cannot go wrong with this cat tower.

5. Ho Ho Hold My Cookies

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS TOY. Last year, we purchased a similar toy for our dogs which was a Santa cookie container with cookies inside, and our dogs went nuts over it. There is just something so cute about seeing your dog run around with a squeaky cookie in its mouth. Between Santa’s crinkly beard and three squeaky cookies, your dog will not be disappointed.

6. SmartCat Kitty’s Garden

Last but not least is one of my favorite purchases if you have a cat. Early on, we noticed that Ruthie was batting away and eating all of our fake plants. We decided to grow her own catnip, and boooooy did the SmartCat Kitty’s Garden grow! In only a few days we had large blades of grass growing. Ruthie has had so much fun with it, and it’s a much healthier, better alternative for her. I know your cat will love this gift for the holidays!


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