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Beauty Hack: Dr. Paw Paw Wonder Balm

Beauty Hack: Dr. Paw Paw Wonder Balm

Hey guys! So today I am talking about Dr. PawPaw’s Original Balm. If you haven’t heard about this before, you’re in for a treat.

This product has so many uses, you’ll be surprised. It’s made of so many natural ingredients You can use it as a moisturizer for skin and hair, you can use it to soothe your nails and cuticles, and you can also use it for sunburns and in your


Dr. Paw Paw Balm

(Click the link to purchase some of this awesome balm!)

I have been using it for a while and I absolutely LOVE it!! Being from Texas where the weather is constantly changing, this moisturizing, fragrance free balm has been an absolutely life savor for me.

I have such dry skin on my nose that I use this balm everymorning before using my foundation. I also have a tendency to pick at my nails because they’re dry and just overall frustrating. I cannot recommend a better all in one balm!!


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