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An Affordable Fall Fashion Outfit

An Affordable Fall Fashion Outfit

Hey everyone,

With the weather in Texas staying at its continuous 89 degree weather every time, I find myself craving just a little bit of cool weather.

Texas is either really hot, or when it gets cold, (I’m taking 2-4 inches of ice,) and just relentlessly bitter. I feel myself sigh every time I walk into my closet and see the plethora of jackets, sweaters and boots.

In preparation of colder times coming, I thought I would share one of favorite outfits of mine with you that I will thoroughly enjoying wearing in the fall.

First off, we have this gorgeous beaded BP sweater that I found at the Nordstrom rack last year, and I have not been able to find it anywhere since. It’s thick enough, that with a long sleeve shirt under, you’ll be warm.

Here’s an alternative to the BP sweater, a beaded H&M Grey Sweater for only $50.00!

Next up are my Cello Ripped Jeans. Now I am quite petite at only 5’1 and 97 pounds, and it’s always been so hard for me to find a good pair of fitting jeans! The best part is, they are typically $19.99 as per the link above! They are seriously my favorite. They fit tight and aren’t loose around the behind area or saggy in the front (which you know is something hard to find if your a Petite build.)

The suede DB DK fashion boots were also bought at the Nordstrom Rack a few months ago for $21.00 (a total steal.) Being Petite, as with jeans, it can be hard to find boots that don’t swallow your legs while, and I was fortunate enough to find these beauties that actually elongate my legs making me look much taller. You can find some similar and really gorgeous Charles by Charles David high heeled boots at Nordstrom for only $150.00, linked here: Charles by Charles David Over the Knee Boots

Last but not least is my favorite Chelsea28 Velet and Chain Clutch Nordstrom Velvet Clutch

Now Sadly, this gorgeous bag is sold out at Nordstrom right now, but when it comes back in stock, you absolutely have to get it! It doubles as he perfect Clutch and as the perfect bag if you add the chain strap. I purchased this during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I am so glad I did. The navy color in particular is a gorgeous, deep blue and is perfect for night out. This Chelsea28 Faux Leather Clutch is a gorgeous and just as nice alternative for not $49.00.

Stay tuned for more affordable pieces coming up.

Xoxo Kristina and Carter

P.S. doesn’t she look adorable in her pumpkin and candy corn bandana?! ❤️


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